Last night, Twitter went into after an obviously Photoshopped image of a tweet fooled many to believe that Macklemore is somehow affiliated with ISIS. The photo, which read, "33 people got married during Same Love. Amazing to be apart of that movement. Just kidding bitch, I'm in ISIS now," caused "#MacklemorejoinedISIS" to become a worldwide trending topic.

While Macklemore obviously has no affiliation with the terrorist organization, he is known for his conspiracy theory views and years ago, tweet : 911...bush knocked down the towers. And on a song called "Bush Song" from his 2005 EP The Language of My World, the Seattle-born rapper says: "Where’s Dick Cheney at? Probably off in Iraq Findin’ some oil to tap, tell ’em I got up on that and y’all still think it was bin Laden when it was us and the Masons, plottin’ on oil profits." 

Macklemore has yet to respond to the ISIS accusations, but shoutout to whoever made the fake tweet: