Back in October, 19-year-old Memphis rapper Jon Waltz dropped his stunning EP, Alyss. The seven-song project was influenced by Alice in Wonderland, and he dropped an entire interactive website where fans can learn about the background of each song and the characters on the EP. He's been pretty quiet since then, and says he's just spent the time developing his craft. "I've been trying to develop pop sounding songs without sacrificing artistic integrity and I've been getting better at my singing skills," he says. After the positive reception of Alyss, which he says he was happy with but wants to spend more time on the details of his next EP, he's back with his first solo sing since dropped the project, which is titled, "I'm Lonely." 

Waltz says he wrote the track while he was packing up an apartment, and from the sounds of it, we're guessing he was hungover, sad, and nostalgic about a past relationship. "Really it reminds me of this girl that I got a teddy bear for last year, but she started messing around with somebody else, that's why that voicemail from my engineer, Paul, is in there," he tells Complex. "The concept of it is being around a significant other, but they're scared to open up because they've been broken down so much, but they're still a blast to be around. Just that playful romanticizing between a boy and a girl when you're discovering each other."

There's no word on whether this will appear on his next project yet but he is in the process of working on new music. "The next project doesn't have a name yet but it's an EP," he says. "It's going to be about the things I've experienced since I've moved back to Memphis and I can promise that it will sound very different from Alyss." Fans can expect that Alice in Wonderland theme to be around for two more EPs but, "after that, it's fair game."

Stream "I'm Lonely" below and keep an eye out for new music from Jon Waltz soon: