Iggy Azalea appeared on Ryan Seacrest's radio show today and cleared things up about her biggest beef. No, not her never-ending feud with Azealia Banks. We're talking about her privacy grievances with Papa John's that led to one of her last Twitter tirades before management took over

Azalea says she's a regular customer at her local Papa John's and that the employees are usually "awesome." The store has her phone number but not her stage or real name (she orders as Alejandro Hernandez). A new, younger, and totally not awesome delivery guy screwed up the chemistry when he fanned out at Azalea's home and gave away her number to his brother and cousin. 

When she called the manager she was told the driver was a new guy who was "a little flaky" and would be put on "permanent leave." Azalea declined an offer for free pizza (which has to be alluring no matter how rich you are) and just wanted to make sure privacy concerns were addressed appropriately for everyone. Later on the manager contacted her assistant to say he'd spoken with the delivery guy's mother and that everything is all good. Iggy didn't think a simple chat made it all good, so she went to Twitter to vent. 

Now it really is all good, though. Azalea has no plans on suing Papa John's. She received a call from the company's senior vice president and declined another offer for free pizza. She's apparently switching allegiances, as she's become a VIP member at Pizza Hut.

We're not sure what exactly that means, but it had better involve free pizza. Advocating for privacy is cool and important and whatever, but free pie is the coolest.