What's in a name? For artists, the answer can be "a lot." While many acts are just using their birthnames or childhood nicknames as their musical identities, others are taking the time to craft monikers that truly signify what they path is about. Or they're taking a certain phrase that sounds catchy and running with it. With the "Meet" series, we'll be looking at the stories behind the names of some of today's brightest acts.

Chicago-based production duo Flosstradamus turned heads just off name alone when they debuted almost a decade. It's catchy—they're DJs, and heavily influenced by hip-hop, so they no doubt knew what "flossin'" was, but tossing that in front of a name like "Nostradamus" is one of those clever flips that don't seem to occur these days. At the end of December, we caught up with the trap-heavy EDM act while they were in New York to get the story behind their name, as well as bring you some footage from their turnt live show. Like true prophets, their name actually turned out to be a prophesy of their entire ethos.

With a new EP on the way that could feature material from Run The Jewels and a host of other EDM producers, Flosstradamus is about to get even more turnt in 2015. Check out their latest single, a collaboration with UK-based producer TroyBoi entitled "Soundclash."