It's safe to say that Marilyn Manson and up-and-coming Atlanta artist Bankroll Fresh would be one of the strangest collaborations in hip-hop. Of course, Drake, the plug of all plugs may be the one to thank if this ever actually happens. In an Instagram post yesterday, Drizzy posted a photo of Manson with the caption, "I watched this guy go up to Bankroll Fresh tonight. Sydney is lit." He's not trolling, because if you dig a little deeper, you see that this probably did happen.

Don't forget that Manson appeared on a Gucci Mane song last year, so he's familiar with the Atlanta trap scene. And, both Manson and Drake are currently touring in Australia right now, so there's a pretty good chance that they ran into each other, and that it was lit. Whatever the case may be, we need a Marilyn Mason, Drake, and Bankroll Fresh collaboration to make this all official.

Meanwhile, that Drake tour seems to be going pretty well.