Los Angeles’ Grammy nominated production duo THC releases “Perfect,” featuring Kent Jamz of Overdoz and Childish Gambino. The fittingly titled track intricately weaves a low end-trunk thumping baseline with a shrieking melody. Kent Jamz leads off "Perfect" with a babbling flow, letting those deep bass bumps fill his cadences with crushing booms. Gambino takes over just before the one minute mark, and proceeds to, per usual, go the hell in. Completely unabashed, and clearly on one, Gambino floats over THC's shrieks. "Bitch my wall worth your life, who you gonna fuck with after me?/I need money and revenge, n**** my drink from '53" he raps in cold blood.

THC picked a killer instrumental for Jamz and Bino to spit on. They've has been working quietly for long enough, and it’s finally time for the West coast heat makers to show out. Album coming soon.