At first glance, the video for OverDoz.'s "Rich White Friends," produced by Hit-Boy, seems like it'll be one long party of a video. But, thanks to the help of director Calmatic, the Los Angeles-based crew makes quite a statement in light of a real world situation and current events right now.

"The concept for the song came from an experience during last year’s Coachella Music Festival," OverDoz. explained over email. "We were invited to the festival by some of our white homies. During the weekend, we stayed at their mansion and just witnessed all the crazy shit they were doing. At one point, we even heard one of them yell out 'n*gga’ when a Kendrick Lamar song came on. Ultimately, ‘Rich White Friends’ is just our view of what’s going on in the world today, everyone’s story is different, this is ours.”

Like the Kanye West quote used in the video's final frame, the crew set out to make a fun visual with a message within it. "A lot of people are making songs and visuals about today’s world problems, but they are all dark and very serious," director Calmatic explained. "OverDoz. is a fun and vibrant group so I just wanted to touch on topics we all relate to, but capture the colorful, unique vibe that OverDoz. is known for. Ultimately, sometimes we have to laugh to keep from crying. "

"Rich White Friends" is an introduction of what to expect from their upcoming album, and it's a pretty hard-hitting video—more like a movie—that may be one of the best visuals of the year.