Lupe Fiasco eulogized his own relevance in a Billboard interview earlier this week: "You have a Kendrick Lamar and a J. Cole and the other people who are the new Lupes. I don't have the same lingo. I don't sip lean or smoke weed. I can't compete with a Wiz Khalifa for the attention of a 12-year-old." That may be true, but from the sounds of "Mural," the latest drop from his upcoming Tetsuo & Youth album, he's still got some tricks up his sleeve. It's a churning, straight-spitting, eight-plus minute odyssey, and along with "Madonna (And Other Mothers In The Hood)" and "Adoration of the Magi," bodes well for the Chicago rapper's fifth album. If this is what Lupe's rap game existential crisis sounds like, we'll take it. Tetsuo & Youth drops January 20; stream "Mural" below.

(via HNHH)