Los Angeles via New Jersey duo Ho99o9 will be something to watch for this year. Taking cues from hip-hop, thrash, and hardcore music, and inspired by GG Allin's physically confrontational performances, the duo releases the video for "Casey Jones/Cum Rag" in conjunction with MOCAtv. In the Bryan Ray Turcotte-directed visuals, shot by Estevan Oriol, the duo pays homage to Los Angeles and NYC punk with a first look at the two rolling up to a club and performing their insane hit. With a nod to lowride culture (Yes, that's a 1976 Monte Carlo driven by Oriol), "Casey Jones/Cum Rag" is a solid look at the duo's rise and incredible live performances. For more on the duo, watch their interview with Carson Daily right here.

The video is being released by MOCAtv in time for the LA Art Book Fair where Bryan Ray Turcotte will be releasing a Ho99o9 zine published by Kill Your Idols available in limited edition of 666 at the the fair. Check out Ho99o9 live Sunday Feb. 1st at MOCA Geffen Contemporary Printed Matter.