Hip-hop veteran and former Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta cast member Benzino was arrested last night at the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta airport when a loaded gun was found in his luggage at a security checkpoint. Benzino was traveling to Los Angeles when the loaded 9 millimeter handgun was found with seven rounds of ammo in the chamber, according to TMZ. He was then transferred to a local jail where he was eventually released on $3,000 bail. Last year, Benzino was shot by his nephew while attending his mother's funeral, though he was able to fully recover after a stay in the hospital. We will continue to update this story as additional details are revealed.

UPDATE 1/29/15: TMZ spoke with Benzino today, and he said that the arrest was a misunderstanding and that he simply forgot to remove the gun from his bag where he keeps it at home. "This is an unfortunate situation that was a huge honest mistake and I will always check from now on exactly where it is," said Benzino.