Benzino has been shot while walking in his mother's funeral procession. According to 7News reporter Adam Harding, the rapper and reality television star was in Duxbury, Massachusetts when he apparently got into a dispute with another attendee of the procession. He is believed to be in stable condition at the hospital. Police have arrested an unidentified man and charged him with with assault with intent to murder.

UPDATE: The man arrested for shooting Benzino has been confirmed to be his nephew, Gai Scott. The motive appears to be "growing family tension." Benzino continues to recover from his injuries in the hospital. Fellow Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta co-star Stevie J has taken pictures of Benzino in the hospital, and it appears that he is okay.

UPDATE 3/31/14 5:00PM: Benzino has responded to the shooting incident that took place at his mother's funeral procession last week and ended with him being shot by his nephew Gai Scott.

In an interview with TMZ, Benzino says he picked up Stevie J to go to church together. While driving to the church, Benzino says he saw a procession taking place that he believed was for his mom. He states he pulled up near the hearse to see if he knew anyone there, and that's when gunshots were fired. 

Benzino went on to state that he doesn't know why his nephew would shoot at him, as he hasn't spoken to Scott in five to seven years. "I have no idea why somebody would shoot me. Period," he says. However, Benzino did say money issues may have been involved. "My mother owned a house that I gave her half the money for. I gave her $15,000 to go half on the house with my sister Maureen. From information that I received, my nephew Guy all of a sudden was on a loan," Benzino says. "So Guy's name and Maureen's name is on the loan. They took out over $300,000 of loans on the house because the house shot up to maybe $600,000. From my understanding, my mother didn't receive a penny."

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