An unreleased audio interview featuring 2Pac and Jim Belushi on the set of Gang Related has surfaced, with the two co-stars of the 1997 film going back and forth about their friendship while making the movie. The 20-minute clip also features some quotables from 2Pac, as expected.

“To be perfectly honest, I’m very conceited,” Pac said. “But how the world prevents it is by putting me in jail for a crime I didn’t commit last year. That kind of humbles you out. But now that I’m out and I’m free it keeps me humble. It keeps my feet on the ground." For context, Pac spent nine months in prison in 1995 after being found guilty for sexually assaulting a woman in a hotel room in 1993.

The late rapper also talked at length about the origin of his name, and how it's defined his life. “People ask me what my name means, I don’t tell ‘em like ‘Tupac Amaru.’ But I just say it means determined because I’m determined to never ever negotiate again,” he said. “We are in the midst of war. Nobody wants me to live longer than [them]. Nobody’s gonna give me the breath out of their mouth for me to live longer, so therefore I’m not giving anybody the breath out of my mouth for them to live longer. I’ll just breathe deeply and go through this life myself without bothering anybody. Without pushing anybody else over. But on the same token, nobody ever will move me from where I’m standing.”

According to the YouTube description, the interview took place Aug. 27, which was three weeks before 2Pac was murdered on Sept. 13, 1996 in Las Vegas. Pretty cryptic, but entertaining interview nonetheless. Check out the full audio above.