Notable production credits: OG Maco “U Guessed It,” OG Maco and Key! “Give 'Em Hell”​
From: Atlanta
Twitter: @damnbrandont

Atlanta shouter OG Maco’s delightfully deranged “U Guessed It” became a viral sensation this summer thanks to the madcap, unpredictable energy the rapper brought to the proceedings. Half the magic of “U Guessed It” is the beat, though, which somehow manages to be thick and lumbering without ever really drawing attention off center stage. The low end smacks, but the melody is thin, a hollowed-out playground structure for Maco to swing around and yell from. It’s the work of up-and-coming Georgia producer Brandon Thomas, who’s worked extensively with Maco and Key! to assemble a sound as grisly and forbidding as it is hooky and spacious. Thomas’ work on the duo’s collaborative EP, Give ‘Em Hell, as well as Maco’s self-titled EP last year are the work of a producer sneakily toying with trap formulas, and what’s more, he’s quietly planning a project of his own as well.