Producer: Mike WiLL Made-It

Slim Jimmy: Two-9 is familia.

Swae Lee: Two-9, they’re like family, That Boy Curtis, Ceej. They on the same label, too. Ceej, we get real close every time we do a show or something. They wild boys, we wild boys. They unlock the swag, we unlock the swag.

Everybody loves the song. We performed it about six times, but every time we perform it everybody is like, “Unlock the swag!” Crazy.

Slim Jimmy: This is Mike WiLL. We were recording and I was yelling at the top of my lungs. Somebody was in the other room.

Swae Lee: It’s a home studio. No, you gotta tell this from the jump.

Slim Jimmy: I fell asleep in the studio, and I woke up at like 4 a.m. Then I started punching this punching bag, and then I went into the studio and this is what I made.

Swae Lee: No. The man was sleep and a hoe was sleeping like this [Imitates a woman laying next to him]. This was all at Mike WiLL’s, they have a good-ass home studio. We live in that studio. So the man wakes up out his dream, he drinks some Hennessey. Goes in the other room and starts punching the punching bag…. This is at like 4 or 5 in the morning.

Slim Jimmy: Yeah, and I was yelling, and it was somebody in the other room, and they thought we were fighting.

Swae Lee: They thought we were fighting.

Slim Jimmy: I was yelling, “Unlock the swag!”

Swae Lee: They were yelling, “What’s going in on there?”

Slim Jimmy: “Is everything OK?” [We record at night] that’s where we mostly come up with all the “Oo Oo”

Swae Lee: When we come out the shell. We’re nocturnal.

Slim Jimmy: We be serious. Real, real serious when we make our music.

Swae Lee: We get in our creative zone. Smoke a moke a lot of weed. This might be [the next single].

Slim Jimmy: We’ll just let it bubble.