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Back in April, we dropped a PUSHY! bit entitled "Foot Trip" that found the French producer showing his love for the footwork sound. He's back at it for Seclusiasis160 compilation, which is out now and is all about that 160 BPM lane. One PUSHY!'s contribution, "Teo24," we finds a way to keep the drums at halftime while the bass is on a frantic rumble. He does have some junglistic flourishes with the drums at times, but this one is really about the idea of things being so fast that they actually end up sounding slower. OK maybe that's just my idea. Over the almost seven minute mark, we imagine some of you who are confused will start to get it, and the footworkin' feets will start moving to the quirky beat. You can download this one for free via our SoundCloud, but we definitely recommend you grabbing 160. This sound is the future.