Swedish-Grenadian pop auteur, Kissey, has a new single out called "Melting Pot" and has made available a remix of the single by Denitia​ (of Denitia And Sene fame) as well as a mixtape of tracks she's remixed. Kissey's formal musical training and her education at New York's Dubspot are plain to see here as an artist with a perfectionist streak. The crushing atmosphere Denitia creates on the remix perfectly accentuates Kissey's own blend of electro-pop and dark wave in a way that cannot be ignored, taking "Melting Pot" deep underground, with a bold rhythm section that relentlessly drives the track forward and anchors Kissey's hypnotic vocals. Take a listen to the Denitia remix of "Melting Pot" below. The track is out now on Kiss Kiss Records.