Plies is a real romantic. Indeed, the two great subjects of the Florida MC's career are realness and the erotic. "Went to sleep real, woke up realer," he rapped on "I'm da Man," the first song from his second album, Definition of Real. If he's already defined realness—and there's no doubt that he has—the next topic to pin down has to be sex. On this subject, Plies is far more pliable.

This goon with a heart of gold has rapped a veritable Kama Sutra of carnal possibility, from the righteousness of oral sex to the appeal of stretch marks on his partner's body, he's cataloged myriad experiences and feelings. So much so that it demands a project dedicated solely to his humping jams. We've got The Real Testament, Definition of Real, Da REAList (and those are just counting official albums, no mixtapes)—it's high time for Plies to give us something just for lovers. Taking inspiration from the classic Pablo Neruda collection 20 Love Poems and a Song of Despair, this is Plies' 20 Love Lyrics and a Song of Despair. Share it with someone special.

Editor's Note: Line breaks have been embellished in certain instances, but no lyrics have been changed. Because that wouldn't be real.