Hot Sugar's long-awaited debut album, God’s Hand, will drop next year on Feb. 24 via Break World Records and today, he premieres his latest track, "Trauma" above. For those unfamiliar, Hot Sugar makes (what many call) associative music, where he pulls in a ton of sounds from instruments, found sounds, and non-traditional places to sample them into his own melodies. It's not exactly traditional but it's laid the groundwork on plenty of production for artists including Das Racist, KittyBig Baby Gandhi, Antwon, and more​.

On "Trauma," the serene sounds of what sounds like crickets and trickling water kick off a serene, warm textured track that will transport you to near-fantasy worlds. You can pre-order God's Hand on iTunes right now and check out a trailer featuring all of the album's credits (a.k.a. sounds) he used for the album.