Creed's former lead vocalist Scott Stapp has had a pretty tumultuous history, from disputes with former band members and marital issues to drug addiction and even, sadly, an attempt on his own life. His latest incident only adds to his tragic timeline, as it's being reported that Stapp has allegedly threatened to assassinate President Barack Obama.

TMZ published a 911 call made by Scott's wife, Jaclyn Stapp, and his sister-in-law where they both desperately ask for police assistance in apprehending the troubled rocker. The audio details Stapp's questionable mental health as his wife alleges that he fled on a bicycle, with a bag stuffed with what he believed to be CIA documents, and set out on a mission to kill President Obama. 

After making a 911 call of his own, where Scott accused his wife of stealing his vehicle, police located him. After an assessment, they felt he didn't show enough signs of instability to place him back in the custody of a mental health facility. 

[via TMZ