If you've followed the drum & bass scene's progression, you can hear why many fans who come from punk or rock backgrounds would gravitate to the scene. Sure, at it's heart is ~170BPM beats swirling around you, but at that speed you get an energy that other genres just can't match. PhaseOne, who hails from Sydney, Australia, has roots in the punk and hardcore scenes, and it shows in the title track to his forthcoming EP for Firepower, Touching The Stars. Recreating the riffs and drums on this track wouldn't be hard for an experienced punk band to do, and the lyrics (which aren't prevalent throughout the tune, but pack way more of a punch) cut perfectly through the intergalactic fury that's created in the instrumental. This is the stadium-sized drum & bass sound that has lost its way over the years, but is pretty damn on point before it pitches down into more of a soothing hardstyle thump before going all dubstep at the drop of a dime. Stellar work, and all under four minutes. Stream the track below, peep the recently-previewed "Six Feet," and be on the look out for the EP when it drops on November 11.