In this dance music game, you meet and see a boatload of artists on the regular, with all kinds of names. It's rare that you actually get down to brass tacks regarding the names that these DJs and producers choose to represent them in this big bad world. Enter Complex TV, who's linked up with DAD to bring you "Meet," what we're hoping to be a series of conversations with artists giving the origin story behind their names. The first in this series? The Knocks, who are set to drop their debut LP ENDISCO some time this fall.

During a recent performance at NYC's Terminal 5, we caught up with The Knocks, who told us about the struggle it can be to work on music while living in an apartment complex. Some of the DAD crew got our first taste of The Knocks via their livestreams from their studio, so it's dope to see that their origin story is directly tied to their studio space. Check out the video up above.