Afro-Carribean cross-pollination has always been a key component of the American-to-global dance experience. In 2014's EDM-to-pop atmosphere, that usually means "Major Lazer" or a hybrid genre largely based on a derivation of Dutch house. However, for labels/collectives like Brooklyn's Dutty Artz (and a few others, too), the push is far more organic in nature, Kush Arora's latest (and now available for purchase) Rasta Azonto Riddim EP an ideal journey into what makes his (and Dutty Artz's) work both important and impressive. Azonto is Ghanaian club music, and the country's most significant contribution to the tropical dance underground as of late. Minimalistic dancehall-style riddims dominate the sound, and when combined with the inspirational reggae-style toastings of London's Blackout Ja and Zimbabwe's Pops Jabu's Bantu-language rhymes, it creates a sound that feels similar to the mainstream Afro-Carribean vibe, but ultimately unique in its execution and sound.