We first got wind of Diplo and Skrillex's Jack Ü project during a Mad Decent Block Party announcement in April of 2013, and since then we've waited with baited breath as they'd sneak out new tunes and drop huge mixes on the festival circuit. With their project coming to fruition via their debut single "Take Ü There," the world came to realize that two of the biggest in the EDM scene coming together would yield magnificent results. In a year where a lot of dope tracks have bubbled on the underground, "Take Ü There" is the anthem that we needed, right now. It might not end up impacting radio like some of the bits Avicii or Zedd make, but you can see in this video: the crowds it was made for know what it is. Those kids who are trying to turn up and enjoy themselves in the moment understand what this track is supposed to do.

While this official video is a mixture of live Jack Ü performances along with the crew going ham backstage and in little rooms, it fits with the aesthetic. This isn't supposed to be some polished corporate EDM machine; this is two guys who share common interests crafting massive tracks that get the people hype. Really simple.