This month sees the release of WWE’s 2K15 video game. Cutting-edge wrestling graphics are a definite selling point for this one, but another is that the game features a playlist by wrestler John Cena, which includes two of his original songs, both featuring Wiz Khalifa.

Cena first rose to prominence in the company by playing the role of an early-2000s battle rapper, and was so convincing he was invited to appear on tracks with E-40, Murs, Freddie Foxxx and the Perceptionists.

While he’s certainly the most credible, it’s not the first time that the worlds of rap and sports-entertainment collided. It is with hustle, loyalty, and respect we bring you a Guide to Rap in Wrestling.

We should note that while there have been plenty of wrestling gimmicks in all elements of the hip-hop culture (from WWF’s breakdancers Too Cool to WCW’s short-lived tag artist Jimmy Graffiti), we’re focusing on moments the talent rocked the mic in the squared circle.