Swirling supernova factory of ephemera that it is, YouTube has birthed yet another star: Meet Dan Thorn, your new hero.

Thorn's a news anchor at the CBS/FOX affiliate WVNS 59 in West Virginia. In addition to holding down his responsibilities as an anchor, he spends his time in-between segments dancing to whatever is in his iTunes. Often to the dismay of his co-anchor, Sarah Pisciuneri, who appears to be clinically sick of Dan's shit​. 

Dan took to YouTube to post a video of himself jigging to a Bobby Shmurda/T.I. mashup titled "Where They At Doe." Will it bring joy to millions? Oh, it already has: The clip's gone viral, having already steamrolled through 1.6M views, or more than the video of the song he was actually dancing to. We found a couple of his other performances which include Thorn's original choreography to Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off" and James Brown's "I Got The Feelin'." 

Check out the video above to see Dan Thorn, American Hero, in all his glory.