Caked Up is an anomaly that we've never quite been able to wrap our heads around.  We scratched our heads as a guy that was famous from Vine turned co-producer of a group that offered tame twerk records, we smirked as they elbowed their way to playing festivals with nothing more than a wonderful marketing blitz, and really weren't very surprised as their fan base skyrocketed.  The marketing was really great and the music really wasn't, and they were proof that all you need to succeed in the music industry is a little influence and a great smile. Nothing new here.

What we've been curious about is how they continue to get booked after (allegedly) physically assaulting Crizzly (everything but the alleged assault was caught on camera) only a couple of months ago, and how it took 4 days for someone to raise their hand to call Caked Up out for stealing a record from Jackal, passing it off as a bootleg of their own, and failing to credit the producer they ripped the entire tune from.  It was uploaded on Friday on Wylde's personal YouTube page (of all places), and there is no mention of Jackal whatsoever. They were probably too busy to read our website for instructions on how to properly tag a file.

While Jackal doesn't seem to want to speak up for himself, G Jones did send a public shot citing the original work, prompting Oscar Wylde to respond with a tweet to a fan crediting Jackal (which isn't quite how you properly tag a bootleg), and is actually a hilarious response.  Oscar Wylde also stuck it to G Jones by saying "people like you are simply haters."  People like G Jones are making incredible and original work, credit their collaborators, and know how to properly tag a bootleg.  Caked Up were probably too busy to read our website and understand that this is a no-no.




We'll keep an eye on the blowback on this one, but is another case of someone jacking a tune, getting called out, and failing to simply apologize for their error and fix it instead of looking like an asshole.  We're just wondering if they plan on responding to Astronomar, and if the Main Course co-head also a hater for asking the same question: