Underground North Philly rapper Asaad may not be under the radar for too much longer. Today, he drops the new track "Blue Note Entendre," an inspirational track that depicts where the rapper has been, and where he's going. Produced by Problem, "Blue Note Entendre" has a mellow beat that lets Asaad's lyrics shine through: "That was me on the strip, when all the fiends was outside/That was me in the house, when them coppers kicked in/That was me in the booth, you hear the sirens coming/Good could be better, quiet and hungry." Asaad illustrates his life without glamorizing the hood or sitting in self pity. Instead, he gives an honest portrayal of what life was like before rap, and mentions smoking sessions with the godly MC, Ab-Soul.

Asaad is currently on tour with Ab-Soul, and you can download his most recent project, Flowers II, featuring Ab-Soul and King Louie.