It can take years and years of tireless, thankless work to build a reputation in the music fieldoften at great expense. So, for some, it must be seriously sickening to see young bucks like MTRNICA come out of nowhere and earn the respect and praise of the industry. Having only released one EP (99), the London-based producer's already piqued the interest of big players like DJ Semtex from BBC Radio 1Xtra, as well as being drafted in for official remix duties on Iggy Azalea and Rita Ora's "Black Widow".

On new track, "New Age"taken from his forthcoming Complex Kingdom EP—​MTRNICA slows things right down for what might be the world's first trap waltz. There's a sparkly melody that dances gleefully over a spacious beat, putting its trance influences right to the forefront. And if glitter had a sound, it would probably sound a lot like this. Little is known about what the young beatsmith has in store for the future. But if 2014 is anything to go by, we can no doubt expect very big things indeed.

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