Having released his Moon Observations album earlier this year, Dutch producer and video director David Douglas is now readying an EP's worth of remixes from the LP that will include efforts from Kyson, Eskmo, Henry Saiz, Dollkraut and Sau Poler. For standout track, "Sweet Moonflower", Sau Poler's remix takes the trumpets and synth sounds and creates an organic, 7-and-a-half-minute jaunt through shuffling acid jazz beats and hypnotic melodies, and harmonies that intertwine and play off one another. Poler's treatment of Petter Carlsen's vocals leaves them almost disembodied, looping and glitching to create a wordless melody that is as comforting as it is unsettling. Surprisingly, the effect of all this is a dreamlike, mercurial track that almost has a Bristolian twang to it. Take a listen to Sau Poler's remix of "Sweet Moonflower" below. David Douglas' remix EP is out tomorrow.

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