I can't front: it's super interesting that Mary J. Blige has been "the queen of hip-hop soul" since the early '90s, and has a voice that would've (could've/should've) been all over the dance music scene back then if she wasn't making loot as a proper R&B/soul/hip-hop icon. Disclosure pops, she hops on "F For You," and all of the sudden she's working on album tracks with fucking MJ Cole? How insanely obvious should that have been years ago? In another lifetime, this would've been a standard R&B slow jam that ended up getting a killer remix, but "because 2014," this is an album cut. And it's great. "Nobody But You" was written by Mary, Sam Smith, and Jimmy Napes, and has me truly intrigued for her next album, The London Sessions, which isn't out until November 24. Mary's been all about that soul life, but tracks like "Nobody But You" seem to capture what had me loving material like "Real Love" back in middle school.