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New Zealand doesn't just belong to "Royals" singer Lorde. Up-and-coming artist Janine and the Mixtape may reside in Brooklyn now, but she's been making some melodic waves with her song "Hold Me." Today, Complex premieres the official audio via a video for the updated version of "Hold Me " featuring Pusha T.

For the remix, Pusha T drops off two flawless verses, maintaining his signature sound while being able to adapt to the gentle beat. He continues the theme of loving you're significant other, promising Goyard passport holders for him and shorty, and his addition actually adds some toughness to the track. "Hold Me" is something that gangstas can cuddle to without feeling embarrassed. Although the two artists' voices are extremely different, together they make a really great track.

Check out the unofficial video for "Hold Me" above and stream Janine and the Mixtape's Dark Mind EP.