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Tre Capital is dropping his 6-track, debut EP today called Gundam Pt. 1, after the success of his lead single, "Prestige," produced by WondaGurl and featuring another artist to watch for, Sean Leon

"Gundam—these 6 letters hold more weight than all of my memories," Capital says about the EP's title. "A time where all I could remember was witnessing greatness but never achieving it myself. It was more than watching a TV show, or even indulging in an anime ahead of its time. The colors, textures, visuals, storyboard all contributed to the incredible overflow of presentation. I grew up always wanting to create the next innovative style, sound, clothes, performances, the list goes on and on. I found myself on the brink of something special. Sometimes when you’re doing something monumental, sacrifices become less burdensome and more of a norm. Everyday becomes a constant reminder to keep going; to continue to work towards what seems far from reach."

The title is a reference to one of his favorite shows growing up, and he wants to pay homage to the influence that it had on him. His debut project also features production from Toronto newcomers Prezident Jeff, Eestbound, and more. You can download it on his site right now and stream it below: