A little over a week ago, SBTRKT made a stream available for his collaboration with A$AP Ferg, "Voices In My Head". And now, it's time for another cut from his upcoming Wonder Where We Land album. "The Light" sees SBTRKT team up with London-based vocalist, Denai Moorewhose warm, soulful vocals juxtapose nicely against the usual vocals SBTRKT employs. Ultimately, it's Moore's vocals that are the star of this track, simultaneously powerful and fragile and altogether quite lovely.

At a push, "The Light" is more of a headphone track than a peak-time banger, though it would sit very nicely in the closing hours of a hot sweaty night. The jaunty plinky-plonk synth patterns we came to love from the producer's debut album are thrown out in favour of some colder, shifting rhythms that ebb and flow beneath Moore's distinct vocal style.