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Visionary club music producer DJ Sega has had an incredibly harrowing 2014. The caretaker of both his physically ill mother and uncle, the home they were living in was badly in need of repair, and was sadly condemned. Sega, his family, and their belongings moved into an extended stay hotel living situation, which was certainly not a solid remedy to their situation. Sega took to the internet, and set up a GoFundMe page in order to handle the issue, posting frequently and pulling down the wall between himself and his fan base with a series of honest photographs and commentary.

Now, three months after said GoFundMe page was funded to four times more than the asked for $1500, Sega has taken to social media to report that "My mom and uncle are now safe and sound under a roof of their own!!! Thank you everybody for each and every form of energy since mid-May. HellaSonix is out now for you to have for FREE!!! Thank you all!!!!!!!!!!!"

So, let's all pause for a minute and be grateful that one of the most prolific producers and entertaining DJs of this or any generation of dance music (and most importantly his family) has gotten through a most difficult period, and listen to his latest HellaSonix release.