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This week, we got to hear two new cuts from Dirty South's forthcoming Astralwerks album, With You, and based on the sounds, Dirty South is definitely following the path that Porter Robinson laid out of just forging ahead and doing stuff you feel and having it work. At the top of the week, he gave Sirius XM BPM the premiere of his SomeKindaWonderful-featured "Tunnel Vision," which takes a darker tone but allows for a righteous vocal to be laid over top. It has a sense of brooding, and takes you on a real journey—almost like a Kavinsky track, but with more emphasis on the vocal side of that sound.

On Friday, Pete Tong did the honors and premiered the album's title track, which so far sounds like the most inspired cut. You get a proper build up that doesn't lead into a drop, but a sense of euphoric release. It's pure indie, and sounds straight out of one of your favorite indie flicks, during a scene where all tension is finally released and the couple either fucks or fights. It's moving music, and makes this blogger want to see the short film that much more.

Pre-order With You before its November 4 release.