While we're waiting to see if Bobby Shmurda can produce another song with a modicum of the success of his breakout single, "Hot Nigga," the dance that he and his GS9 crew introduced to the masses has taken over the country. Not playing—there hasn't been a dance with this sort of virality since a kid with oversized sunglasses told us to watch him "Crank Dat." Everyone short of the President has been recorded doing the dance. Beyoncé did it on her "On the Run" tour, Rihanna did it by a pool, Meek Mill did it before going away to do a bid, and, most recently, Team USA hit the Shmoney Dance on the podium after winning gold at the 2014 FIBA World Cup. With all these celebs taking part in what has become a national phenomenon on the level of the Ice Bucket Challenge, the question we have is: Who did it best?