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Oh, look. The photo above is Beyoncé and Jay Z toasting to the end of their "On The Run" tour in Paris this weekend with a hefty dose of champagne—most likely Ace of Spades.

But wait, isn't Beyoncé supposedly pregnant with their second child?! Ready for a fun breakdown?

On Saturday morning, rumors swirled around the Internet that Jay Z changed the lyrics to his Magna Carta... Holy Grail song "Beach Is Better" and changed the line "When it's gone I'm like fuck it, I replace it with another one" to "Cause she’s pregnant with another one.

For those who have seen clips from that night in Paris, know that Jay Z goes from "Beach Is Better" to "Partition" and only raps: "Hit ya ass on the celly, cause I ain't got time/To be arguing with your ass, if you ain't really ready/Girl why you never ready for as long as you took/You better look like Halle Berry...or Beyoncé..." then "Partition" strikes.

For those who have followed Jay and Bey's careers, and who watched Beyoncé's HBO documentary, they suffered a miscarriage before conceiving their daughter, Blue Ivy. A lot of thought and preparation and stress went into announcing her pregnancy at the 2011 MTV VMAs. Therefore, announcing their pregnancy two weeks after Bey was partying at Made In America seemed...well, just straight up unlikely: 

So, no. The chances are very slim that Beyonce would be drinking on August 31 and then have Jay announce their pregnancy on September 12. But, don't worry, Bey just proved all of those rumors to be false by toasting with champagne to the end of the "On The Run" tour... that is unless it's sparkling grape juice and the entire HBO special will revolve around them announcing this in the program. But chances are, Bey's not gonna let Jay change up some random bar from an Interlude on his last album to announce her pregnancy simply because girls run the world and boys drool.

[Images via Life & Times]