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Ab-Soul is back at it on "W.W.S.D." Rapping over Jackson Browne's country-folk classic "These Days"—a song which coincidentally​​ shares the name of Soul's debut These Days—Ab-Soul empties his mind, using "These Days" as less of a sample and more of a song to add his raps to. (A remix, if you will.)

"What Would Soul Do" sees Ab-Soul rapping in hindsight with lines like, "So many pills I should've slipped already / My lungs the same color as my lips already," which makes the title a bit of a misnomer. On "W.W.S.D," Soul is autobiographical and detailed, not future-forward or moving in a world of hypotheticals as the title would suggest. 

Check out the introspective "W.W.S.D" below.