We could act like we don't know why Mono/Poly has been lurking in the shadows for the past couple of years, but we have our ears in the streets, and can say with 100% confidence that he's working on some next level shit right now. If this is the first time you've heard of him, go back to his SoundCloud uploads from two years ago and imagine if these records were released today. The Internet would explode if he started flooding the world with material anywhere close to Mr. Carmack's pace, and he would probably be way more popular if he was better at using the Internet. He's never been in the habit of reposting records that are hosted elsewhere, though, and if you're gauging his ability on the records you see on his account, you're only seeing a piece of the puzzle.

That said, he's gearing up to release his Golden Skies album, which is out on Brainfeeder on August 25, and the label uploaded the first single from this project yesterday. "Empyrean" is a dreamy and understated one that features Mendee Ichikawa of Free Moral Agents, a group headed by Isiah Owens of The Mars Volta that has already been remixed by none other than Hudson Mohawke a couple months back. Small world, I suppose. We're excited to hear Mono/Poly's full project, but felt the need to create a SoundCloud playlist with a bunch of tunes that aren't hosted or reposted to his account. There's quite a bit more work spread between YouTube and Bandcamp as well, but the fact that most fans of music don't know his work is ridiculous, and this is an incredible start.