It's kind of crazy to think about how huge Duke Dumont is now. Grammy nominations, UK #1 singles, festivals, and regular touring in the U.S. and so much more to notch in the belt (including a contract with Astralwerks) and he was such a long term industry unknown two years ago. I first heard about him via the infamous Hollerboard years and years ago and it blows my mind to see a UK dude who posted in there as "hey, here's some of my tunes I've been working on" to being one of the biggest and most in demand house oriented acts on the planet right now. His latest hit, "Won't Look Back," is also starting to get the heavy duty remix treatment and this rehash from Shadow Child is the absolute shit, especially if you like your house with that clean bass heaviness with those gritty punches cutting right through. Both of these guys have been on fire honestly and the combo works beautifully on this remix.

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