The other day we had a commenter (who used the thoughtful "FUCK EDM" name) started their rant with the following "This is why I hate this pathetic site. What Moby has done in 15 years?" It's always weird to me when people want to put an artist on a pedestal, but only for certain time frames. I know what era dude is looking towards; he wants the "Next Is The E" / "Go" / "Hymn" Moby to be cherished, while discarding everything from Play after. You can't do that, nor should you be discounting what that famed artist is doing now because you're not into it. To cast aside the last 15 years of Moby's output would be ridiculous, especially when he's not stopped moving... you've just stopped listening/caring. He's kept in tune with today's sound, and this "Electro Mix" for this month proves it. He's not only dropped his recent collaboration with Darth & Vader, "Deathstar," but he has tracks from DJ Snake & Mercer, Mightyfools, Tom Staar, and plenty others. He is a touring DJ—let the man continue to shine without having to cater to jaded ravers. Sheesh.