I've tried to steer clear of the remixes of Porter Robinson's latest singles. There's something special about worlds, and I like to think that I'm keeping it consistent with Porter's thought process by not straying to far from what he's officially releasing (or co-signing). He already dropped Arty's remix of "Lionhearted," but there's something about these two new remixes that I'm all about.

Giraffage is not only a recent Fool's Gold signee, but he'll be a part of the upcoming worlds North American tour, so it's a given that he gets a chance to drop some ill vibes on "Lionhearted." The original is there, somewhere, primarily in the sung hook, but he gives this one a brilliant redesign, turning it into a skittery, (old school) electro-tinged number. Interesting wave that comes as part of a full Mixmag feature on Porter.

Anamanaguchi gives "Sad Machine" an even better throwback vibe to it, going super inside-the-machine, but on a cuter, more wide-eyed '80s flex. If parts of worlds are influenced by the Nintendo 64 games of Porter's youth, this is the end credits of one of those games, where the cast of characters is jumping out of clouds and smiling with stars and smiley faces rolling around.