Well, it certainly hasn't taken long for SoundCloud to implement their iron major label fist as the story with this edit is a prime example of the new regime. Hunt For The Breeze is a name hopefully some of you should recognize at this point. I've personally been championing his work a lot as of late as dude has been on the reg killing it. But now he makes this completely hypnotic and seductive edit to Majid Jordan's "A Place Like This" and the SoundCloud gawds say no go. Instead of kicking rocks and crying uber sad tears, HFTB got creative and did a video edit with his flip and has also uploaded the audio to his Facebook for a like to download. If you liked Majid Jordan's feature on Drake's "Hold On, We're Going Home" or have been steadily freaking out to HFTB's music like me, this is some choice shit you could use in your life right now. And to those looking for other ways to distribute their music, here's an idea I find very effective.