Kevin Abstract isn't asking for much; he just wants you to love his new album MTV1987 the way he loved A Kid Named Cudi. While that's certainly a daunting goal, it might be attainable for the Corpus Christi, Texas born rapper. He does a great job conveying his inner secrets and insecurities into music that is sometimes catchy, sometimes experimental, and almost always enjoyable. The album is entirely produced by Romil, who crafts a cohesive, synth-driven sound that allows Abstract to test just how far he can go as both a rapper and a singer. 

MTV1987 represents a lot for Abstract, as evidenced by the passionate open letter he tweeted on the eve of the album's release. "I know how you feel though that's why it was easy to write this record," he said. Check it out below and download it here.

[via Billboard]

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