So, Justin Bieber moved out of Calabasas after a ton of fuckery—you know, egging his neighbors houses, wild parties, whipping it in his white Ferrari. Well, Biebz moved into his new Beverly Hills condo and has, according to TMZ, already "hotboxed" it. Cool story.

Anyway, last night Bieber threw a fucking rager with Floyd Mayweather (JB did save his kids the other day), Tyrese (for inspirational purposes only), Tyga (brought the hookah), Chantel Jeffries (the girl he had riding shotgun when he was arrested for drunk drag racing), and Johnny Manziel.

Long story short, the cops were called because someone complained about loud music. Don't they know they have the number one pop star in the entire world living in their complex? We'd feel blessed. 

The real question is: what the hell is Bieber doing hanging out with all of these Vine stars? That's Nash Grier, who is famous on Vine for... making Vines. If all it takes to be invited to one of his parties is to make some viral vines, count us in.

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