Justin Bieber is continuing his path down urban street as the 20-year-old Canadian pop star has shared a preview of his upcoming collaboration with DJ Mustard. Yes, DJ Mustard, the celebrated Los Angeles producer who recently told Complex that other producers need to "jump off my dick and get you some hit records." Well, evidently Bieber hopped on the gravy train and is now riding it into ratchet heaven with Mustard. This sounds like a sure-fire hit. And how sure is Bieber? As the singer puts it, "Girls be in the the club like OMG this is my song!!!!! Lol." 

Bieber also posted the photo below during the same studio session with his musical director and guitarist Dan Kanter, stating, "Best music I've ever made." West Coast artists need to start watching their pockets, because Bieber is coming for their wallets with his new sound.

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