Prior to his collaboration with DJ Rashad entitled "It's Wack," I have to admit: I didn't know much about Heavee. Over the last few years, where Chicago's TEKLIFE crew really came into worldwide prominence following the strides Rashad and Spinn made bringing the scene worldwide, guys like Heavee have been exposed more. He's been putting in work with DJ Earl more, including their joint Audio Fixx 2 compilation, but this week Heavee's flying solo, dropping the five-track B L I S S EP earlier this week. From the title of the EP (and tracks) to the cover art, there definitely feels like there's a certain vibe and theme running through this, although this isn't some esoteric / "expose your feelings" shit. This is just a bunch of dope footwork cuts that I imagine can help soothe the soul, even if that soul is just Heavee's while he was producing them. $5 a pop for the EP, which you can stream in full down below.