With their new album, Brand New Day, out on June 17, Swollen Members debut their brand new music video for "Power." The song was released last week, and they wasted no time getting the energetic video to their fans. In the video, they kick it in California, and shot the whole thing guerrilla style with no planned schedule, and ended up in Venice.

"When Rob showed me the beat for 'Power', the chorus wrote itself," Prevail said over email. "We started with the hook and wrote the verses around the concept. It doesn't always happen that way when creating songs, but when it does it becomes special. It is one of my favorite tracks on our new album 'Brand New Day, and I'm very proud of the energy that all three of us put into it."

Drake recently took to his Twitter to show love for the group, thanking them for the shout out on Sway In The Morning. Watch the video above, and pre-order the album here.

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