Ever since Flosstradamus previewed their Casino-featured "Mosh Pit," we've been hearing a grip of "Mosh Pit" remixes. Just makes sense; it's one of the bigger anthemic trap cuts to emerge in a bit, and yeah, it's Flosstradamus, so people will put their spins on the tune. Out now on Ultra Music is the "Mosh Pit" remix EP, which features a number of different takes on the source material, from the bouncy turnt take by Meaux Green and Party Favor to a hardstyle rework from Headhunterz (no doubt a payback for Flosstradamus' "United Kids of the World" remix). Round it out with Caked Up's take and you have a solid EP, although the addition of the instrumental and acapella will give you rappers and remixers something to rework to death. Stream the full EP below.