Over the weekend we got a release date and title for deadmau5's next album, while(1<2), which is set to drop on June 17, and today we have a bit more info to get you hype for this one. It looks like the physical release and the streaming date for while(1<2) hits on June 24, with the full version of the album's opener "Avaritia" (which you can preview down below) hitting Pete Tong's BBC Radio 1 show this Friday, May 16. Feels like this one is going to be a winner, even if we're only hearing a 30 second clip. While we don't have a full tracklist for while(1<2) yet, this is what deadmau5 says you can expect: "It’s a good mix of sh*t I want to do versus sh*t people want to hear or what they would expect. It’s a good balance. It’s not like, ‘Oh, it’s such a departure. He’s doing smooth jazz'."

And for heads who want to keep even more abreast to what deadmau5 has going on, a live.deadmau5 app will hit iOS on May 15.